Estate planning is very important as it ensures that your assets are given to the correct people at the correct time upon your demise.  It is an important tool, to ensure that all your assets, insurance policies, movable and immovable properties are all accounted for, and ownership is passed correctly to the correct people. 

It is even more essential when you consider the large payouts that you are normally insured for, and how these monies are being inherited by your beneficiaries.

I am concerned about

After my Death

- Can I distribute my assets unequally?

- Can I distribute assets to non-family members

-Can I donate some assets to charity?

I am concerned about

When i am mentally incapacitated :


-How do I give consent for legal /Medical matters

- Can i sell/rent my house?

- How does my family obtain my insurance payouts if it is deposited into my bank account?

I am concerned about

After my Death

- What happens if my family cannot handle assets responsibly?

-How do I avoid problematic homeownership issues (e.g. HDB rulings etc)

- How do I manage and deal with high income tax/property tax?

-How do I make my wealth last more than 3 generations?

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