Is your child money savvy?

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Do your kids know all about money? Take this quiz to test their knowledge and talk to them about how to spend, earn and save!

  1. Where do you get money from? a. It grows on trees b. Daddy or Mummy's wallet c. The bank d. Daddy and Mummy goes to work to earn money

  2. Should you spend or save money? a. Always spend it, because there are so many nice things to buy!  b. Always save it c. Spend some on what you need (like food, transport, water bills) and a little bit on what you like (say, movies or ice-cream) and save most for the future

  3. Should you give your money to other people? a. No, what's mine is mine alone!  b. I don't know. I might need the money to buy sweets c. Yes, give a little bit sometimes because some people need help

  4. How can a little kid earn pocket money? a. Ask Daddy or Mummy for it b. Wait for red packets during Chinese New Year c. Do chores around the house and ask my parents to pay me d. Find out if anyone is willing to pay for something I can make or do (like making art or playing the violin)

  5. How do you save money? a. By giving it to the cashier at the sweets store  b. Give it back to Daddy or Mummy  c. Putting it in the bank d. Give it to companies that can help me grow my savings

  6. What is a budget? a. Daddy and Mummy's work b. My list of items that I want to buy c. A list to keep track of where money goes

What's your score? Mostly A's: Hmm, try to spend a little more time finding out about money and how to spend or save it well!  Mostly B's: Hey, starting to get pretty smart about money! Time to up the ante and really know what your cash can do for you and the people you love. Mostly C's and D's: You're well on your way to becoming super-savvy about money - and making a difference with it. Keep it up! 

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